PHP Performance with Marco Pivetta (ocramius)

In this episode, Benjamin and Matthew talk with long-time open source contributor, and Roave member, Marco Pivetta about increasing the performance of PHP-based applications (both large and small) and dive deep into PHP 7.4's new Preloading functionality.
In this episode, Benjamin and Matthew, talk with Marco Pivetta (ocramius) about:
  • PHP 7.4's new preloading feature: what it is, how it works, the benefits and drawbacks of using it
  • The speed differences between different versions of PHP (especially in 7.x)
  • The difference between OPcache and Preloading
  • How Composer's autoloader may soon be a thing of the past
Notable Quotes
Composer is the mother of all frameworks.

The (Composer) autoloader will gradually disappear.

You wouldn't build a house and not check it for 10 years. It should be the same for software projects.

Everything (in software development) is a trade-off.

Guests: Marco Pivetta.
Hosted By: Benjamin Eberlei, and Matthew Setter.

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